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Is Oat Milk Good For You?

In 2015, it was revealed that a Paleolithic (emphasis on “paleo”) stone pestle discovered in a cave in Italy had remnants of oat dust and still-intact bits of grain on it. That’s right. Our ancestors were grinding oats for the purpose of consumption. Whether it was...

3 Myths About Soy and Men Debunked

Soy has been lauded, soy has been vilified, but mostly, soy has been wildly misunderstood, prompting a deluge of misinformation, disseminated in seeming perpetuity. In the entire history of the world, few foods have incited such fierce debate, among layman and expert...

Mythbusting Soy Part 1: Women’s Health and Hormones

Women's Health and Hormones It’s no secret that women run this world. Especially healthy, strong, energized women who are fueled by soy. Despite the bounty of misinformation out there, soy products like tofu, tempeh, soy milk, and edamame are incredibly beneficial for...

Facts: The Plight of the Dairy Cow

Dairy Cows There are 9.34 million dairy cows in the United States and roughly 270 million in the world. The majority of these cows spend their entire lives indoors in unnatural and unhygienic conditions.(1) Due to yearly forced inseminations, dairy cows endure...

How To Go Dairy-Free – 6 Easy Steps

How to go dairy-free in 6 easy steps: Your ultimate guide to kickstart your dairy-free journey. We’re bringing you tips to make your transition easier, deliciously dairy-free recipes, and helpful advice and information from our professional athletes and doctors.

Food That Causes Inflammation

Food That Causes Inflammation

Foods That Cause Inflammation  There are many foods out there that cause inflammation, but today we’re going to focus on the top seven offenders: milk, cheese, red meat, mayonnaise, coffee creamer, alcohol, and butter. . These are all common foods that many people...

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