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US Dietary Guidelines

We believe the promotion of cow’s milk as a health food is a form of dietary racism. Thirty six percent of Americans are lactose intolerant, with far higher rates among communities of color. In 2020, the US Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee was put to the task of revising the current guidelines as they do every five years. We mounted a campaign to ensure dairy would no longer be a food group when the new guidelines are released in 2021.

We made history. Of all the public comments submitted to the Committee, 27 percent were in favor of removing dairy as a food group. That number is unprecedented in regards to a united public opinion and the US Dietary Guidelines.

Held two meetings with members of the Committee and a USDA representative.

We are ready to take legal action if dairy is not removed from the upcoming guidelines. We are currently waiting for these guidelines to be released.

Federal Trade Commission Milk Advertising Complaint

We sent a formal complaint to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to prevent MilkPEP from continuing its misleading dairy advertising based on selective and highly manipulated science. In claiming that cow’s milk is the optimal post-workout beverage, the industry cites a self-funded study that only included seven white Irish men—all who had been pre-selected for their lactase persistence. Seven white men do not represent America, and these grossly generalized dairy ads claim milk is healthy for all. These ads are dangerous and misleading, and we are taking action to end it.

We are currently waiting for the Federal Trade Commission to respond. Read our letter to the FTC here.

In December 2020, we will launch a campaign to create a “tweet storm” aimed at the FTC to pressure it to take action on our complaint. Stay tuned for additional initiatives and results regarding this campaign.

Milk Sponsorship of USOPC

The United States Olympic and ParOlympic Committee is sponsored by the dairy industry. That’s not fair to athletes, and it’s not fair to fans who milk markets to. Milk and Olympians don’t win medals.

We sent a formal letter to the USOPC Ombudsman calling for an investigation of this sponsorship, as it violates the Committee’s bylaws of promoting athletic excellence and overall athlete wellbeing.

We urged the public to write in to the USOPC Ombudsman in support of this sponsorship investigation. 725 people wrote in.

The USOPC Ombudsman responded and we are currently in discussion regarding the investigation.

Listen to Your Gut

Our Listen to Your Gut campaign was a massive 3-month endeavor to make an impact on a national scale. The campaign reached over 100 million people with one simple, powerful message: make the switch, and go dairy-free.

3 national commercials featuring 9 elite and Olympic-level athletes on NBC

3 radio ads running for 3 months in eight major markets

24,931,845 people reached

40% increase in website traffic

To view our commercials, click here.

Stop the Subsidies

The US government has a decades-long history of using American tax dollars to prop up the dying dairy industry. We won’t stand for this any longer. In 2020 alone, the US government spent $2.9 billion in direct payments to dairy farmers. The US government currently oversees 8 unique subsidy programs to support the dairy industry. The American public cannot allow this to continue, and we are leading the charge.

Collected 1.5k+ signatures and 400+ comments to petition the USDA to stop the subsidies.

This campaign is on-going. To add your name to the petition, click here.

Earth Day

2020 was the first year Earth Day Network (EDN) brought diet change into the climate change discussion. Switch4Good was the prime resource for the “fight diet change with climate change” messaging and we actively worked with this organization to educate the masses about the effect dairy consumption has on the planet.

Switch4Good content was included during EDN’s global virtual live stream and out-performed all other content streamed throughout the day.

Our Switch4Good Earth Day PSA played to a live viewer audience of 130,610.

Our total impressions for the day accounted for 3,782,656 engagements.

We look forward to Earth Day 2021 to further educate the world about the environmental benefits of a dairy-free diet.

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