2022 Highlights

Our battle against the dairy industry is relentless, but our momentum is strong. We continue to grow, reach more people, and keep passionately fighting.

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Changing the US Dietary Guidelines

Promoting cow’s milk as “health food” is a form of dietary racism when over 70% of non-white Americans are lactose intolerant. In 2020, the US Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee revised the Guidelines as they do every five years. We mounted a petition campaign to get dairy removed; to include non-dairy alternatives; and to provide education about lactose intolerance.

• Soy milk added to Guidelines as nutritionally equivalent to cow’s milk.

• 20,000 public comments in 10 days.


• Testified twice before the Dietary Guidelines Committee

• Met 4 times with USDA Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion (CNPP) and Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)

• Galvanized followers to flood public comments with demands to remove dairy from the Guidelines


We won. The 2020-2025 US Dietary Guidelines include soy milk as “nutritionally equivalent” to cow’s milk—with this language prominent in the dairy food group.

We made history. We generated 20,000 public comments in just 10 days—27% of the total—demanding dairy’s removal from the Guidelines.

Next steps

The 2025 Advisory Committee has been formed, which means we are back for round two. Stay tuned for more updates and how you can help support our fight.


Fighting Dietary Racism in Our Schools

The USDA mandates a carton of cow’s milk on every school lunch tray for 30 million kids at a cost of $1 billion. However, 29% of the cartons are thrown in the garbage by kids who are lactose intolerant—mainly children of color—wasting over 300 million taxpayer dollars.

In 2020—after we spearheaded a massive public awareness and activism campaign—the UDSA added soy milk to the US Dietary Guidelines as “nutritionally equivalent” to cow’s milk. But nutritional equivalency and cafeteria availability are not the same thing, and schools have been unable to make soy milk readily available.

In collaboration with Animal Wellness Action and the Center for a Humane Economy, we guided Reps. Troy Carter, D-La. and Nancy Mace, R-S.C. to introduce H.R 1619, the Addressing Digestive Distress in Stomachs of Our Youth (ADD SOY) Act in the U.S. House of Representatives. Under the Bill, the USDA would reimburse schools for purchasing soy milk, just as they do for cow’s milk. The bill would also support many Midwest farmers; soybeans are one of the biggest and most important agricultural crops in the U.S., with more than 500,000 producers.

If passed, the ADD SOY Act would end the Federal Milk Mandate in public schools and provide kids a healthier choice in the school lunchroom. You can see a brief floor speech from Rep. Carter here.


• Pressured USDA to recognize soy milk as “nutritionally equivalent to dairy milk” in 2020 US Dietary Guidelines.

• Petitioned Agriculture Secretary Vilsack to redress longstanding systemic inequities in National School Lunch Program (NSLP).

• Galvanized all ALL 50 MEMBERS of the Congressional Black Caucus to support our measure.

• Worked with Reps. Troy Carter, D-La. and Nancy Mace, R-S.C. to present H.R 1619, the Addressing Digestive Distress in Stomachs of Our Youth (ADD SOY) Act to the US House of Representatives.


• Soy milk added to US Dietary Guidelines as nutritionally equivalent to cow’s milk.

• Spearhead introduction of ADD SOY Act to U.S. House of Representatives.

Next steps

Build grassroots support for the ADD SOY Act by empowering our supporters with a  petition form to request co-sponsorship from their local Representative and Senators.


Supporting healthcare providers with educational materials

Approximately 68% of the global population is lactose intolerant. Cow’s milk protein is also the number one allergen in children under 5. However, these often go undiagnosed while children suffer from entirely avoidable symptoms. Removing dairy resolves the gastrointestinal distress and other painful effects caused by these conditions.

Parents are too often afraid eliminating dairy will leave their child malnourished or stunt growth, which is understandable considering Big Dairy’s incessant propaganda. But they trust their healthcare team, and our materials coming from this trusted source help them feel relieved that removing dairy is the absolute best thing for their child’s health.

We are bridging the gap by delivering our dairy-free message through trusted healthcare providers.


• Launched a dedicated website and resource hub for this education campaign: KiDS (kids + dairy symptoms)

• Created and distributed evidence-based waiting room posters and take-home pamphlets discussing the science behind lactose intolerance and cow’s milk protein allergy, plus their associated symptoms.

• Recruited activists to help deliver materials to healthcare providers, allowing us to reach a geographically diverse audience.


• Sent physical materials to 3,400 pediatricians for display in their offices and to distribute to their patients and families.

• Gained support from pediatricians, pediatric subspecialists, and dietitians, growing our network of experts that can further expand our reach.

Next steps

• Continue distributing these materials to healthcare offices, including 60,000 pediatricians in the US.

• Make kidsandmilk.org the go-to source for any healthcare provider or parent looking for resources about children’s health and dairy products.

• Develop continuing education courses for healthcare providers (physicians, dietitians, and more) so we can reach a wider audience and their patients.

Challenging the World’s Biggest Restaurant Brand

Our Justice Cup campaign was designed to highlight a blatant example of systemic racial injustice that most people don’t even notice, but that is as common as a cup of coffee. Up to 95 percent of people of color cannot digest dairy, yet Starbucks charges up to 70 cents extra for non-dairy milk. That is dietary racism, even if the racism is unintentional. So, we partnered with The Yes Men to mount a “brandjacking” campaign, starting with a spoof Starbucks press release, announcing that the company was eliminating its non-dairy upcharge and instead charging more for drinks made with cow’s milk. The story quickly got traction in the media—and guess what? Less than three weeks after we launched the Justice Cup campaign, Starbucks UK dropped the non-dairy upcharge, followed shortly thereafter by the company’s Chilean and French operations.

We’re keeping the pressure high. We partnered with Chef Babette to deliver a passionate, personal plea directly to CEO Howard Schultz. And when Laxman Narishman takes over as CEO on April 1, 2023, you can be sure he will be hearing from us 🙂


• Executed multi-channel launch campaign including spoof announcements, Reveal video (claiming responsibility), and Dietary Racism explainer video

• After Starbucks UK dropped the upcharge, published Open Letter in Seattle Times urging Starbucks to also drop the upcharge in the US

• Ran micro-targeted digital and social ad campaign, aimed at key decision-makers, thought leaders, AND their personal and professional networks

• Targeted 375 C-Suite executives and board members in an email campaign with personal pleas


• Starbucks UK, Chile, and France all dropped the plant milk upcharge

• Mainstream media credited Switch4Good for the policy change in the UK

• Reached over 50 million consumers through traditional media alone—and millions more on social media

• Injected the term “dietary racism” into the national lexicon

Next steps

Keep up the pressure until Starbucks eliminates the non-dairy upcharge globally.

9 out of 10 serial killers grew up drinking milk.

You may think this is a ridiculous statement. We agree. But it is no more ridiculous than Big Dairy’s advertising slogan: “9 out of 10 U.S. Olympians grew up drinking milk.”

As we say at KillerMilk.com, the truth is, most Americans grew up drinking milk because the dairy industry lied to us. Working in collusion with the Federal Government, Big Dairy sold us the lie that “Milk does a body good.” They said we needed milk to be healthy and have strong bones. Lies, lies, lies. 

We are exposing the deadly truth about cow’s milk. Milk is a stone cold killer. It kills people, the planet, even truth. It’s all explained at KillerMilk.com


• Put up a billboard at Beverly & Sweetzer in Hollywood

• Plastered posters all around LA with the same artwork and message.

• Promoted the Killer Milk concept via traditionals and social media

MUCH more to come in 2023

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