Alternatives to Dairy

Looking for a high-quality vegan cheese, cows’ milk alternative, or non-dairy ice cream? We’ve curated lists of our favorite dairy-free alternatives for kids and adults alike. Search the guides and find the perfect replacement to your morning coffee creamer and more.

The Ultimate Guide To Dairy-Free Alternatives

Best Uses For Dairy-Free Milk

How versatile is dairy-free milk? Considering all the options, you may wonder if every single one can be swapped for cow’s milk for different applications. Truth be told, there are some that are extremely versatile (like soy), and others yield best results in specific...

10 Best Dairy-Free Cheeses That Taste Like the Real Thing

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes By Switch4Good Staff   If you’ve been in a long-term relationship with cheese, you may not know how hot the dairy-free dating scene is. In just the past few years, non-dairy cheese has reached its A-game, and there are plenty of...

Mythbusting Soy Part 1: Women’s Health and Hormones

Women's Health and Hormones It’s no secret that women run this world. Especially healthy, strong, energized women who are fueled by soy. Despite the bounty of misinformation out there, soy products like tofu, tempeh, soy milk, and edamame are incredibly beneficial for...

8 Dynamic and Delicious Smoothies for Weight Loss

Smoothies are all of the rage these days, and there are solid reasons why. In addition to being packed with a flavorful punch, may of them can help us lose weight. Here are 8 smoothies that do just that.

6 Healthy Dairy-Free Cheese Hacks

Dairy-free cheese alternatives are gooey, melty, and tasty, but we won’t pretend that they’re the healthiest option when compared to whole foods. Nondairy cheese is great every now and then, and it’s perfect for someone making the transition to dairy-free, but for...

What Is Nutritional Yeast?

The first thing you need to know about nutritional yeast (colloquially called ‘nooch’) is that it cannot, under any circumstances, be used as a replacement for active dry yeast. It’s not a rising agent, and we can guarantee your bread recipe will not work out if you...

17 Types of Plant Based Milk You Need to Try

How many plant milks are there? The answer is limitless! Personally, I opt for the store-bought varieties, but with a cheesecloth or a super nifty Almond Cow machine, you can transform literally anything into delicious plant milks—from grains to seeds to nuts and...

10 Essential Dairy-Free Cookbooks

Not everyone can “wing it” when it comes to mealtime, and that’s okay. With the ever-growing trend of dairy-free and plant-based eating, it can be intimidating when looking for dairy-free cookbooks. Choose from any one of these essential dairy-free cookbooks, and...

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