Join the Switch4Good Circle of Champions
by becoming a monthly donor

By committing to become a monthly donor to Switch4Good, you’re investing in the vision for a dairy-free future and a more compassionate, healthy, ethical world for our future generations.

Dairy-free is the future. Through a plant-based diet, we can create healthier bodies, a fairer food system, and a greener planet. But if we’re going to achieve greatness, we need to count on you as a champion and integral member of our team.



Your monthly donations ensure we can continue to expand our most vital programs and campaigns, like our KiDS program to reach pediatricians, our Killer Milk campaign to bring awareness to the destructiveness of BIG DAIRY, and our ADD SOY Act which will finally provide dairy-free milk to millions of American children in school.


Your commitment to Switch4Good allows us to plan ahead to major milestone events like the Paris 2024 and Los Angeles 2028 Olympic Games, where we will be able to reach athletes and attendees with information and resources about the abundant dairy-free options and why they can choose a more climate-friendly approach.


By becoming a monthly donor, we can count on your dollars to help us can allocate more of our resources to fundraising in other areas, like major grants, corporate sponsorships, and expanding our reach to international markets.


When you join the Circle of Champions as a monthly donor, you’re part of a very special, exclusive community of like-minded individuals who believe change is possible and being at the forefront of this movement is essential to your legacy.



We are creating a healthier, kinder, and fairer future for all. Helping the world adopt a dairy-free, plant-based diet will get us there. We know that people who adopt a plant-based diet will unlock the true potential of their performance, no matter the nature of their physical expression. We recognize that eliminating our dependence on dairy will reduce global greenhouse gas emissions and fight climate change. With your support by joining our Circle of Champions, we’ll have the consistent, monthly support to make lasting changes on Planet Earth, before it’s too late.


How does monthly giving work?

Monthly donors provide credit card information and are charged their chosen amount automatically on the same date each month.

Does donating electronically save money?
By donating monthly, you help minimize our fundraising costs. If you select to cover processing fees, even more of your donation will go toward our mission.
I’m a monthly donor, can I increase or suspend my giving?

Our team is here to help. If you need to adjust your monthly donation, please email [email protected].

Are my donations tax- deductible?

Switch4Good is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Your donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. You’ll receive an automatic acknowledgement each month when your gift processes and an annual giving summary in mid-January.

To learn more about becoming a Circle of Champions member, please contact our Director of Development, Jill A. Pall at [email protected].

To learn more about becoming a Circle of Champions member, please contact our Director of Development, Jill A. Pall at [email protected].


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