Dairy-Free Kids

Yes, Your Child’s Bones Will Still Grow Strong Without Milk

For decades, cow’s milk has been a staple at the dining table. To generate higher demand for their product, Big Dairy created the narrative that milk is essential for strong bones at every age. The result is a collective paranoia about what might happen to our bone...

The Benefits Of A Dairy-Free Diet For Your Baby

The day you hold your newborn baby in your arms, the world will never be the same. In that moment, your mind is blown and your heart expands to ten times its original size. Bringing a new life into the world can be both joyous and terrifying, but as a new parent...

Milk Surpasses Peanuts as Top Food Allergy

Food Allergies Can Be Fatal Anyone who experiences or knows someone who experiences a severe food allergy knows how serious it can be. Certain foods can prove to be life-threatening, and these severe allergies are particularly prominent in young children. According to...

Dairy-Free in a Day: Toddlers and Kids

We all know young children can be picky, and feeding them a dairy-free diet may seem restrictive at first. However, there is immense variety in plant-based foods in terms of tastes, textures, and essential nutrients. Give your child a nutritional boost and expand...

Raising Dairy-Free Babies: Breastfeeding, Formula, and Solid Food

At Switch4Good, we’ve received quite a few messages from new moms. Having a little one comes with so many questions, and it’s understandably scary to traverse something so monumental like raising a dairy-free infant or toddler. We want to reassure you that your child...

Cow’s Milk, Growing Kids, and Childhood Obesity

The strong emergence and rapid consumer acceptance of plant milk (and choosing it over cow's milk) has left the dairy industry scrambling to win back its former loyal audience. As sales of plant milk creep up to 14 percent of the total retail milk market, the dairy...

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