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Already made the switch and want to do more? Donate toward a dairy-free future! Your dollars will help us create systematic behavior change and help the world ditch dairy for good.

We are a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible.

Your donation at work:

Support dairy-free activations.
What’s an activation? It’s hosting a booth at major competitions, races, and sporting events and handing out delicious dairy-free food. It’s also partnering with schools and nutrition certificate programs to teach children about dairy-free eating habits and to provide a dairy-free athlete perspective to health and fitness professionals. Your donation will go toward the materials needed to make these activations possible. Our goal is to dive into the education, health, and fitness communities and encourage change with both our systematic and grassroots efforts.

Debunk misleading pro-dairy studies and false industry claims.
The dairy industry is constantly funneling money into studies that are specifically designed to highlight dairy as a health food. While these studies may seem sound to the untrained eye, our team of scientists aren’t fooled by the faulty research methods. Your donation will pay for the work necessary to review these studies, pinpoint their questionable design, and transform the information into layman’s terms to effectively communicate with the public. With your help, we can combat the industry’s false claims and prove to the world that dairy is not a health food.

Fuel the Undeniable Truth Tour.
The Switch4Good team could be coming to you! We’re employing a boots-on-the-ground strategy to bring dairy-free fun and educational events to cities across the U.S. and Canada. Tours include discussions and events with local elite dairy-free athletes and doctors, as well as our knowledgeable team. Your donation will fund our travel and materials necessary to host these awesome events, such as venue fees, promotional materials, and food from local dairy-free restaurants.

Partner with elite dairy-free athletes who champion the cause.
It takes a team for athletes to achieve greatness, no matter the sport. Many athletes seek support from others to cover their gear, travel, and other logistics so they can focus on training and being the best they can be. With your help, we’re currently partnering with Robbie Balenger, an ultra runner who is running across America this spring. He’ll be wearing S4G gear to spread the dairy-free message as he runs through communities that may not be familiar with our cause. Your donation will allow us to support more incredible dairy-free athletes, help them take on these challenges, and most importantly, show the world that it is possible to compete and excel at the most elite level of fitness on a dairy-free diet.

Support our original video content.
Another way we spread the dairy-free message is by creating and distributing our targeted and engaging video content. Our current Dairy Talksmini-documentary series provides a personal glimpse into the lives of Olympic and professional athletes who have gone dairy-free. Our upcoming Eat Train Learn series will coach athletes and everyday folk to eat and train for optimal health and performance. Your donation will go toward the production costs so we can continue educating the masses in the digital space.

Create a dairy-free future for all!

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