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Already made the switch to dairy-free, and want to do more? Donate toward a dairy-free future! Your dollars will help us create systematic behavior change and help others ditch dairy for the good of our health, the planet, and our global community.

We are a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible.

Your donation at work:

Support dairy-free research
We are conducting an unprecedented study on the effects of dairy and inflammatory markers. The focus of our pilot study is to assess how the USDA’s recommendation of 3 glasses of cows’ milk a day effects cell membrane phospholipid makeup, systemic inflammation,  the ability to adapt to various stressors, including exercise, and impacts to overall health. Your donation will help us fund this project, adding scientific legitimacy to the link between a dairy-free diet and improved athletic performance.

Fuel the Switch4Good Podcast
The weekly Switch4Good podcast is opening people’s minds to what it really means to live dairy-free, to prioritize our health and well-being, and to make daily choices that are in harmony with our ethics. Your donation will ensure that our high-quality programming can remain free of charge to those who are ready to step up their game. Keep our content fresh, relevant, timely, and available to everyone by donating today.

Activate our new school program
Hands on Health: Happy Kids. Healthy Future is a multi-faceted educational program for middle schools to help students (and parents) opt for more dairy-free food choices and better their performance both on the field, in the classroom, and at play. The program will offer a hands-on approach and provide the students with an opportunity to engage with successful dairy-free athletes. Your donation will help us purchase classroom supplies and ingredients for in-classroom cooking demos.

Address pro-dairy research studies with science-backed counterpoint articles
The dairy industry is constantly funneling money into studies that are specifically designed to highlight dairy as a health food. While these studies may seem sound to the untrained eye, our team of scientists have questioned the reliability of their pro-dairy conclusions. Your donation will pay for the work necessary to review these studies, pinpoint their questionable design, and transform the information into layman’s terms to effectively communicate with the public.

Support our original video content
Another way we spread the dairy-free message is by creating and distributing our targeted and engaging video content. Our current Dairy Talks Season 2 mini-documentary series provides a personal glimpse into the lives of Olympic and professional athletes who have gone dairy-free. Our upcoming Eat Train Learn series will coach athletes and everyday folk to eat and train for optimal health and performance. Your donation will go toward the production costs so we can continue educating the masses in the digital space.

Fuel the Switch4Good Sports Club
We have recently entered into a long-term partnership with Inter Atlanta FC—a premier youth soccer club—developing a scalable, first-of-its-kind sporting organization/club program. Our involvement includes educational programming on the health and performance benefits of living dairy-free; on-site activations and promotional events; dairy-free concession stand takeovers; a website to host our educational, engaging, and inspiring resources specific to the sport; and other dairy-free marketing-related content to get the fans, parents, and players on board with the dairy-free lifestyle.

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