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We launched Switch4Good for one reason: to spread the TRUTH.

We have learned that cow’s milk is not a health food, and understand that ditching dairy is a straight path towards longer lives, better health and premium performances. We’re tired of being fed misinformation and dairy industry propaganda. 

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Athletes are inherent fighters. When they feel passionate and set their mind on achieving a goal, there is no stopping them. 

Truth is, we are all athletes. We all care about our bodies, our fitness, and the food we eat and drink. Whether you are a pro or you take the stairs instead of the elevator, you are an athlete and we want you on our team! Side-by-side, we are going to learn, grow and spread the message that making the Switch4Good is easy, fun and, most importantly, healthy. 

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“Chocolate milk is by no means a perfect recovery drink. Training tears down our muscle tissue and so we want to build back up with premium fuel that does the least amount of damage. Chocolate milk gives you some carbs, protein and fat, as do plenty of other foods, but it also gives us a nasty cocktail of hormones like estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, and cortisol and contains saturated fat, which clogs our arteries and slows down blood flow.”

Dotsie Bausch

Olympic cyclist and founder of

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