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If you own a pair of running shoes, we want you on our team.

If you cheer your kid on at sports practice, we want you on our team.

If you make a conscious effort to do the best you can—whether that’s in work, life, or athletics—we want you on our team.

We are Switch4Good, and we believe everyone can live better and do more by making the switch from dairy to plant-based fuel. If you’ve experienced the incredible benefits of ditching dairy, we welcome you to join our ever-expanding community.

As a Switch4Good team member, we promise to support you in your active endeavors, and we trust you to be a proud representative of the dairy-free lifestyle. Together, we can help others realize that cows’ milk is not a health food for humans and as an athlete, it’s not a sports drink, and that they can achieve so much more if they just make the switch.

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“Every athlete, activist, and doctor with Switch4Good has a unique journey and voice within this movement. Some are big and reach millions, others impact the communities around them, but all are necessary for the movement to grow. Each of our voices are so powerful individually, so think of what we can do when we speak up together. We stand up for the victims, and refuse to stand by in apathy. We are a coalition of compassionate people who, together, impact, inspire and change lives around the world. We are Switch4Good.”

Garrett Kenyon

Professional Runner and Switch4Good Coalition Member

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