Dairy Industry Exposed

Why Wasting Milk in Schools is a Bigger Problem Than You Think

The long and sordid relationship between the U.S. government, the dairy industry, and the National School Lunch Program has put cow’s milk in front of billions of American children for generations. However, while millions of dollars are spent on milk production,...

Milk Surpasses Peanuts as Top Food Allergy

Food Allergies Can Be Fatal Anyone who experiences or knows someone who experiences a severe food allergy knows how serious it can be. Certain foods can prove to be life-threatening, and these severe allergies are particularly prominent in young children. According to...

Top 10 Most Outrageous Milk Life Claims

Milk Life, one of America’s largest dairy marketing organizations, is constantly churning out various statements to promote cow’s milk to the American public. While these claims are often supported by research studies, these assertions are highly flawed, and in many...

America Is Drowning in Milk No One Wants

Dairy sales are in decline, but that’s not stopping milk production. Learn how the U.S. government and the dairy industry team up to market milk, instead of shutting down the issue.

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