Dairy-Free News

With dairy consumption dropping in the US, new dietary guidelines on the horizon, and government-funded fast-food promotions to sell more dairy, the state of the dairy-free world is constantly in flux. We’re covering the latest news to keep you informed and to stay one step ahead.

Harvard Researchers Claim Cows’ Milk Is Unnecessary

Best Uses For Dairy-free Milk

How versatile is dairy-free milk? Considering all the options, you may wonder if every single one can be swapped for cow’s milk for different applications. Truth be told, there are some that are extremely versatile (like soy), and others yield best results in specific...

10 Best Dairy-free Cheeses That Taste Like the Real Thing

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes By Switch4Good Staff   If you’ve been in a long-term relationship with cheese, you may not know how hot the dairy-free dating scene is. In just the past few years, non-dairy cheese has reached its A-game, and there are plenty of...

Is Veganism an Eating Disorder? An Overview of All Angles

Estimated read time: 13 minutes By Tiffany Bruno   Eating disorders can present in many forms, such as restricting, avoiding, binge eating, and purging; they are ALL dangerous and should be addressed by medical professionals. Although we like to focus on the...

6 Easy Dairy-Free Nut Cheese Recipes

Nuts have long been established as a health food—they provide essential, good-for-you unsaturated fats, a decent amount of protein, and plenty of fiber. The fact that they can be transformed into dairy-free cheese gives us even more reason to love nuts. There are...

Switch4Good’s Legal Advocacy Work

The past year has presented many challenges including a global pandemic and numerous climate change related weather disasters. Because of those challenges, lawmakers and their constituents have contemplated how our treatment of animals and the planet impacts our...

6 Easy Steps to Cut Out Cheese

The mere idea of cutting out cheese completely is daunting for many. The psychology is similar to the old trope—when someone tells you not to think of the purple elephant, all you think about is the purple elephant. We get it. When cheese is a staple in your diet and...

What’s the Difference Between Dairy-Free and Lactose-Free

The dairy-free trend is on the rise, as is the prevalence of lactose-free products. Here’s the thing: they’re not the same. Lactose-free products still contain dairy and many of the health issues associated with it. This grey area can be confusing and jeopardize...

5 Facts About Soy Milk

Soy is the original plant milk. While consumed for literally thousands of years in Asian countries, it came to be a “hippy” staple in the States decades ago. Due to its duration, it’s somewhat been overshadowed by newer, cooler plant milks. First almond pushed soy off...

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