Dairy-Free Cheat Sheets

Ready to learn how easy and healthful a dairy-free diet is for everyone? Download our education cards to get started right away. You’ll feel confident in removing dairy and notice the multitude of benefits instantly.


The dairy industry brainwashed us into thinking we need milk for strong teeth and bones, but we don’t. Learn how the calcium found in many plants is up to two times more bioavailable than the calcium in dairy products.


Making the Switch

Does removing dairy from your diet feel overwhelming? Make it easy with our simple 5-step plan and handy guide to dairy-free swaps–including some of our favorite brands. Bring this one to the grocery store on your next shopping trip.


Run Faster

The dairy industry has courted athletes for decades, insisting that you need milk to perform better and recover faster. In reality, dairy products cause a slew of negative health effects that actually slow you down. See for yourself.



Can dairy products hurt your performance as an athlete? The evidence says yes. We break down the science for you and offer easy solutions for tapping into the surprising power of plants.


Athlete Power Plate

Removing dairy from your diet and focusing on plants doesn’t require complex calculations or trackers. Our Power Plate makes optimizing your meals and snacks easy. Download our visual guide, including bonus travel snack ideas.


Powerhouse Protein

All plant-based athletes have heard this question: “But where do you get your protein?” See some of our favorite protein sources and find out how much protein you really need.


Dairy-free Fuel

Are you wondering what to include in your meals to fuel superior performance? Check out the top ten foods and the science behind why they are so beneficial. Can you incorporate all ten into your diet?


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