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Each of us can live better and do more simply by ditching dairy. Switch4Good is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people make the switch away from dairy and toward plant-based fuel in order to achieve sustained wellness and exceed daily performance goals. Our growing community is comprised of athletes, medical professionals, scientists, and every day active folk who have experienced firsthand the benefits of ditching dairy in 4 key aspects of our lives: Improved Health, Enhanced Performance, Planetary Responsibility, and Food Justice. With the use of digital media and grassroots campaigns—as well as an expansive collection of educational tools—we help anyone interested in transitioning to dairy-free realize their true potential on a diet that does not include cows’ milk in any form.


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“Chocolate milk is by no means a perfect recovery drink. Training tears down our muscle tissue and so we want to build back up with premium fuel that does the least amount of damage. Chocolate milk gives you some carbs, protein and fat, as do plenty of other foods, but it also gives us a nasty cocktail of hormones like estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, and cortisol and contains saturated fat, which clogs our arteries and slows down blood flow.”

Dotsie Bausch

Olympic cyclist and founder of

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