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When we make the switch4good, we all benefit in work, athletics, and life. Find your true potential and live like a champion simply by switching from dairy foods to plant-based fuel.

Switch4Good is a united team of dairy-free athletes, medical professionals, and every day active folks. Some of us have won Olympic medals and some of us simply take the stairs instead of the elevator. We have all learned that cows’ milk is not a health food for humans and we use this knowledge to encourage others to make the switch. Even if you’re just considering going dairy-free, you’re in the right place! Switch4Good has the resources to get you excited about transitioning to a dairy-free lifestyle so you can feel lighter, more energized, and prepared to tackle any training or hectic work day that comes your way.


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“Chocolate milk is by no means a perfect recovery drink. Training tears down our muscle tissue and so we want to build back up with premium fuel that does the least amount of damage. Chocolate milk gives you some carbs, protein and fat, as do plenty of other foods, but it also gives us a nasty cocktail of hormones like estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, and cortisol and contains saturated fat, which clogs our arteries and slows down blood flow.”

Dotsie Bausch

Olympic cyclist and founder of

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