Put our Athlete’s Power Plate into practice with our 9 Around the World GoodBowls. These aren’t just recipes—they’re chef-driven, athlete-approved plans to teach you how to optimize every meal to fuel your life. Each can be prepared in 30 minutes or less using store-bought staples—or a bit longer if you make everything from scratch. You can be confident in hitting both your macros and your micros no matter which incredibly delicious and satisfying bowl you choose—from the savory Breakfast Grits to the mindblowing West African bowl. Hit the store, whip up your favorite bowl, snap a pic, and share it on socials before diving in. #S4GGoodBowls

Pro tip: Customize the recipe to fix your exact portion needs by clicking on the blue “Servings” under the bold “Yield” in each recipe. You can add up to 8 servings and the ingredient amounts will change for you—no math involved! You can also adapt the recipe elements to fit your training needs. Need more carbs? Add another scoop of grains or veggies. Amping up the protein? Double up the protein source. No matter what your goals are, GoodBowls can help you get there.

These Around the World GoodBowls were created by Jason Wrobel exclusively for Switch4Good.

Savory Southern Breakfast GritsBy andyWake up to a savory breakfast or enjoy this bowl as a nutrient-dense breakfast-for-dinner. Creamy polenta provides for a filling base while crispy seasoned tempeh, melty non-dairy cheese, and spicy salsa provide protein, micronutrients, and plenty of flavor. If you are enjoying this for dinner, add some steamed greens for additional satiating fiber and micronutrients.
Chickpea Scramble with Spinach Strawberry SaladBy andyWake up to a protein-packed breakfast that's a little bit savory and a little bit sweet. The hearty chickpea scramble packs in a ton of flavor and micronutrients while the strawberry spinach salad adds a sweet, fresh balance and plenty of inflammation-fighting antioxidants. Feel great when you walk out the door and for hours after. You can even take the leftovers for lunch!
Sweet Potato Breakfast BowlBy andyThink outside the cereal box and give sweet potatoes for breakfast a try! This bowl will rev your engine and keep you full all day long thanks to its energy-packed carbohydrates and healthy fats. In a hurry? Microwave the sweet potatoes or roast them the night before for a naturally sweet meal you can whip up in minutes.

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