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Dec 6, 2023

Ever wonder what an Olympian does every day to stay fit, or how an actress with a storied career navigated Hollywood? In today’s fun and insightful episode, Dotsie and Alexandra decided to interview each other for a change, and open up like never before, tackling everything from their successful marriages to health struggles, from activism to surviving the holidays with family. Nothing is off limits as this dynamic duo shares their personal stories, triumphs, and regrets, with something for everyone to take away from in this very special, must-listen episode!

Listen to Episode 259 with Dotsie Bausch & Alexandra Paul

What we discuss in this episode:

  • How Dotsie and Alexandra stay balanced, fit, and happy.

  • What Alexandra does to sleep well.

  • Habits they’ve learned and adopted from past guests.

  • How Dotsie and Alexandra cope with stress.

  • How Dotsie started cycling, and what she overcame to become a champion cyclist.

  • How Alexandra launched her career as an actress.

  • Dotsie and Alexandra share daily practices that keep their marriages strong.

  • Their experiences and tips for surviving the holidays with nonvegans.


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