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Meet the Only Woman in History to Kayak the Amazon River from Source to Sea with Athlete Activist Darcy Gaechter

Mar 22, 2023

Today’s incredible guest, Darcy Gaechter, has been whitewater kayaking for over two decades and is considered one of the best kayakers on the planet. She’s won whitewater kayaking races throughout the world, led kayaking expeditions in over a dozen countries, and in the year 2013, she became the very first and only woman to kayak the entire Amazon River, from its origin in the Andes Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean. In her book, Amazon Woman: Facing Fears, Chasing Dreams, and My Quest to Kayak the Largest River from Source to Sea, Darcy chronicles the arduous 148-day, 4,300-mile journey descending the Amazon—braving everything from sub-zero waters to pirates, piranhas, poachers, and sand flies, all while maintaining fidelity to her vegan diet, no less.

So, for any adventurers, aspiring adventurers, or anyone out there seeking to tap into your unrealized potential and achieve the extraordinary, this riveting episode is a MUST listen!

Listen to Episode 222 with Darcy Gaechter

What we discuss in this episode:

  • The source of Darcy’s motivation and inner strength.

  • The kayaker she looked up to when she was ascending in the sport.

  • How she fell in love with kayaking and chose it as her career.

  • The genesis of her choice to kayak the Amazon River.

  • How she and her team overcame personal team challenges during their trip.

  • The scariest moments on the journey.

  • Her diet on the journey.

  • Her kayaking company is in Ecuador.

  • Her next adventure.


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