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Learn more about our specific initiatives to build our dairy-free community and support others on their journey:

Sports Team Partnerships

Professional Partnerships
From the NBA to the NFL and every professional league in between, we will consult with professional teams to enhance their nutrition programs. Switch4Good will work closely with team nutritionists and culinary directors to develop a robust dairy-free nutrition program that includes education, resources, and dairy-free options for the players and their families. We will also work with athletes directly and support them on their dairy-free journeys and collect performance metrics to analyze the benefits of a dairy-free diet. It is our hope that these newly transitioned dairy-free athletes will act as role models and motivate other players to ditch dairy as well. These partnerships will serve as a revenue stream to fund our youth sports partnerships.

Youth Partnerships
In a first-of-its-kind initiative, we have partnered with the Inter Atlanta Football Club to bring educational seminars and on-field activations to improve young athletes’ health and performance. The Switch4Good logo and messaging is integrated into the organization’s branding and communication amongst the athletes, from the elementary-aged teams to the elite club level. Our goal is to replicate this program with other regional sports teams in the future. Switch4GoodSoccer.org is now live!

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Community Building

We are building a diverse community of athletes, doctors, trainers, and dietitians focused on helping people make the switch. We welcome all of these dairy-free individuals to sign up to be part of our “team” and help spread the dairy-free word. Some team members give presentations to their local communities via our Switch4Good Educator Program, while others wear our Switch4Good gear during races and workouts, attend our events across the US, recruit others, race for us, and share our original content with their social networks. In turn, we regularly engage with and feature our team members on social media, offer them a platform to share their dairy-free story via article writing and video content, and provide a steady stream of educational and inspirational material for them to share in the form of infographics, articles, research, and inspiring athlete-driven videos.

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Research Study

We are well underway with an unprecedented study on the effects of dairy and inflammatory markers. The focus of our pilot study is to assess how the USDA’s recommendation of 3 glasses of cows’ milk a day effects cell membrane phospholipid makeup, systemic inflammation, the ability to adapt to various stressors, including exercise, and impacts to overall health. We have completed Phase One of this pilot study.

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The Switch4Good Podcast, hosted by Olympian Dotsie Bausch and actress/health coach Alexandra Paul, interviews expert guests each week to create conversation around disordered eating and healthy living. From athletes such as Dominick Thompson and Agnes Muljadi to medical professionals such as Neal Barnard, MD, the goal is to give listeners the inspiration and tools they need to ditch dairy and start transitioning to a healthy lifestyle.

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Education and Resources

We provide easy access to trusted science and advice from athletes, trainers, dietitians, and medical professionals. From simple steps to behavior change to challenging accepted pro-dairy research, our content makes it easy for everyone to transition to a dairy-free lifestyle as well as share the message. We educate people on the plethora of healthy recipes and high-quality alternatives, and we also set the record straight regarding the confusing information established by the dairy industry to prove that dairy is not a health food.

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Hands on Health: Happy Kids. Healthy Future.

We are embarking on a multi-faceted educational program for middle schools to help students (and parents) opt for more dairy-free food choices and better their performance on the field, in the classroom, and at play. The program will offer a hands-on approach and provide the students an opportunity to engage with successful dairy-free athletes. Students will learn what foods fuel best their bodies, how to easily and affordably prepare these foods, and gain valuable insights from the role model athlete presentations.

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Activation Initiatives

We believe in the power of community, and we actively engage with other like-minded organizations to further the dairy-free word. Currently, we partner with FoodPrints for the Future, an Earth Day Network initiative set out to tackle the leading cause of climate change: our food system. We provide this campaign with research on the hazards of the dairy industry as well as dairy-free transition guides and healthy recipes.

We also support our community by offering our services to advance their individual projects. Past partnerships involve our work with Robbie Balenger, an ultra-runner who ran across America in 75 days to promote the power of a plant-based, dairy-free diet; book editing for a dairy-free cookbook and children’s book; and working with chefs and recipe developers to feature and share their dairy-free dishes to a wide audience.

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