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Policy Change to End Dietary Racism

The dairy industry puts profits over people. Over the past few decades, millions in advertising dollars have been spent to convince the public that dairy is healthy and necessary for peak performance. Even the research it uses to peddle its products is biased—one of the most prominent studies the industry touts only included seven white male participants—yet the industry claims milk is healthy for all. Given that 36 percent of the American population is lactose intolerant—with rates hovering between 70-95 percent for people of color—it’s clear that dairy does not do any body good. Promoting dairy as a health food is an act of dietary racism, and we’re putting an end to it.

What We’re Doing:

  • We ran a grassroots campaign in 2020 to remove dairy as a food group from the US Dietary Guidelines. Over a quarter of the public comments addressed to this government committee came from Switch4Good supporters—an unprecedented majority in the Guideline’s history. Due to this pressure, the 2020-2025 US Dietary Guidelines now offer soy milk as a nutritionally equivalent alternative to dairy. Even though dairy is still a food group, this was a major victory
  • We filed FTC complaints against dairy campaigns to publicly expose the shady tactics employed by the dairy industry to peddle its products
  • We are in meetings with the United States Olympic Committee to help them understand the racial implications of promoting cow’s milk to its athletes and fans
  • Working with federal legislators to make soy milk readily accessible in all public schools

Sports Partnerships

From the MLB to the NFL, going dairy-free is gaining momentum among professional players. When sports icons make a move, fans follow suit. This is the largest and most impactful program we have to bring the dairy-free message to the masses. 

What We’re Doing:

  • We wrote a groundbreaking Scientific Report on Cow’s Milk, Health, and Athletic Performance for professional sports teams, dietitians, and the everyday athlete
  • We worked with the Los Angeles Clippers to develop dairy-free sauces that are now used in the Clippers’ training facility 
  • We leverage our team of dairy-free professional athletes to educate and inspire the masses. These include baseball legend Chase Utley, NHL enforcer Georges Laraque, 6x Olympic medalist Rebecca Soni, 3x Olympic gold medalist Heather Mitts, Olympic medalist David Verburg, ultra-endurance pros Rich Roll and Brendan Brazier, and more
  • We are collaborating with sports physicians and dietitians to create the Project ADAPT l Human Performance Conference—a 3-day event to educate dietitians, athletes, and doctors about the optimal power of plant-based nutrition.
  • We are creating a dairy-free playbook for a huge, global sports organization to distribute to its 30,000 dietitians, 165,000 coaches, and 10 million athletes worldwide.
  • We are working toward a plant-based Los Angeles Olympic Games in 2028

Research Study

The science behind dairy is flawed. Over the past several decades, the most promoted research concerning dairy has been paid for by the dairy industry itself while mountains of research regarding dairy’s negative effects have been ignored. Further, there is very little existing research that explores the effects of dairy on athletic performance. Switch4Good is focused on ensuring that peer-reviewed, unbiased science drives the future of what we eat. We have set the groundwork to perform a gateway study that will charter new interest in future research on the topic of dairy-free performance. 

Our Study:

  • Beginning in October 2021, we are working with top researchers at the University of Sydney to compare cow’s milk versus soy milk in their effects on inflammatory markers in humans 
  • This inaugural study will provide evidence for the prolonged beneficial effects of a plant-based diet on high-impact workouts. This body of work has the potential to provide the groundwork for a better understanding of plant-based nutrition and reshape how top-level athletes and active individuals can get the most out of their physical performance
  • Building on this study, Switch4Good is creating a model to facilitate unbiased, peer-reviewed research into an often overlooked facet of nutrition: plant-based performance
  • We are currently disseminating new and existing research to media outlets, nutritionists, doctors, and universities to provide balance to the decades of dairy-funded research that is commonly cited

Culture Change

For most of us, dairy has been ingrained into our diet since infancy. Going dairy-free may seem daunting or even unhealthy at first, and it is our responsibility to transform skepticism into understanding and trepidation into confidence with our education and resources. In order to change the law, we must first change the culture

What We’re Doing:

  • We’re developing scientific reviews of the current literature on dairy and performance. Review our latest work, A Scientific Report on Cow’s Milk, Health, and Athletic Performance, here.
  • We’re offering multiple avenues through our website and social media for the public to easily access digestible science and helpful tips on going dairy-free
  • We are ever-expanding our network of doctors, dietitians, trainers, and athletes who can empower others with the education and support they need to go dairy-free 
  • We are collaborating with recipe developers to provide accessible, affordable, nutritious, and satisfying recipes
  • We are empowering our 500+ S4G “team members” to share their story to inspire others to go dairy-free
  • We created our Switch4Good Educator Program that enables anyone to become a dairy-free leader in their community. Over 50 individuals across the US, UK, India, Africa, and Europe have signed up to be a Switch4Good Educator
  • We mentor and respond to individual inquiries about going dairy-free and creating guides to the most-asked questions (see Ultimate Guide to Dairy-Free Alternatives and Raising Dairy-Free Babies and Kids)
  • We’ve reached over 120 million people in 2020 alone and convinced over 100,000 people to take the first step in their dairy-free journey. Think you might be next? Take our Lactose Intolerance Test and find out then download our Power Plate to help you plan your next meal

Planetary Responsibility

Dairy-free is high performance for your body, but it’s also high performance for the planet. Despite the fact animal agriculture makes up over a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions, plant-based diets very rarely make it into conversations about climate mitigation strategies. We’re going to change that in a big way.

What We’re Doing

  • We’re developing plant-based climate mitigation strategies for partner corporations, including road mapping what a plant-based sustainability model looks like, providing resources and guidance on implementation, and follow up to ensure compliance
  • We’re partnering with stakeholders in the sports and corporate world to provide education and resources regarding how to address climate change with diet change
  • We’re leveraging partnerships to begin planning for our most ambitious goal yet: A completely plant-based 2028 Olympic Games in Los Angeles!


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