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The Rock Hard Penis – Drugs Vs Diet with Dr. Aaron Spitz

May 8, 2024

Our guest today is an expert on all things related to the penis and male reproductive medicine. Although many folks are uncomfortable talking about issues related to the penis, Dr. Arron Spitz normalizes important conversations around it and sexual health. He specializes in male fertility and is a board-certified urologist who has a broad practice that includes nutrition-sensitive intervention. He’s outspoken about common problems like erectile dysfunction and delivers important information to us on today’s show that breaks down some of the age-old penis myths.  

You may have seen him in The Gamechangers with Dotsie or even read his book, The Penis Book. Today, we have the honor of sitting down with Dr. Aaron Spitz and learning more about his book; the top reasons for erectile dysfunction, the truth about prostate cancer, and so much more.

Listen to Episode 281 with Dr. Aaron Spitz

What we discuss in this episode:

  • The Penis Book and what it is all about.
  • The 5-step plan for penis health.
  • The top reasons for erectile dysfunction.
  • How to overcome “performance anxiety”.
  • How testosterone affects erections.
  • How diets affect the penis and sexual performance.
  • The famous penis scene from The Gamechangers.
  • The truth about prostate cancer.
  • Why Dr. Aaron Spitz chose to start eating a plant-based diet.
  • Why eliminating milk and dairy-based products is so important when it comes to penis health.
  • Separating myths and facts about circumcision.
  • What the “average” size penis is.


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