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The Next Girl Exposes Dairy’s Secrets with Filmmaker Lisa DeCrescente

Dec 20, 2023

Our guest today has done whatever it takes to grow the vegan community by working tirelessly in many different avenues. A vegan for over 20 years and a former restaurateur, Lisa DeCrescente is now the director of special projects at Farm Animal Rights Movement, she’s a board member for Sustainable Earth Eating, AND she’s the writer of the powerful, heart-wrenching short film The Next Girl, which has already received a plethora of awards and has a twist of an ending that will leave you floored.

You definitely want to stay with us as we talk about this profound film and hear Lisa’s thoughts on how to be the most effective difference-maker possible!

Listen to Episode 261 with Lisa DeCrescente

What we discuss in this episode:

  • How Lisa came up with the concept of The Next Girl.

  • The conditions dairy cows live in and the abuse they endure.

  • The fates of male and female calves.

  • How the treatment of dairy cows is woefully overlooked.

  • The importance of having a “why” when adopting a vegan lifestyle.

  • Why Lisa decided to become vegan.

  • Lisa’s advice for vegans in relationships with non-vegans.

  • Events Lisa is planning in 2024 and how you can see and support The Next Girl.


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