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How Trauma Leads to Disordered Eating with Dr. Carolyn Ross

Nov 24, 2021

Watch Episode 153 with Dr. Carolyn Ross:

Dr. Carolyn Ross, MD, is an eating disorder and addiction specialist. Her approach is unique—trauma, she claims, is the root cause of adult behavioral disorders such as addiction and eating disorders. Two-thirds of Americans experience at least one childhood trauma, and that can manifest itself later in life as binge eating, bulimia, anorexia, and/or drug and alcohol addiction. For Dr. Ross, it’s not about the food at all—it’s about the trauma and how to heal from it. This conversation breaks the accepted conventions of food addiction and recovery—what Dr. Ross has to say is different than any other eating disorder guest we’ve had on the show. Whether you’re struggling with one of these disorders or know someone going through it, you’re sure to glean some enlightenment from this deep discussion.


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