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How Kraft Could Kill Veganism with Entrepreneur Michael Schwarz

Dec 27, 2023

Growing up in South Africa to a family of activists and witnessing the devastating effects of apartheid, today’s guest, Michael Schwarz, had his moral compass set to true north at an early age. 

Driven by a profound sense of justice and a desire to combat the deleterious effects dairy has on our planet, he decided to step away from a 25-year career as an intellectual property lawyer and change the food industry by launching Treeline cheese – an independent vegan cheese company. 

Michael also appeared in episode 76, where we learned all about his remarkable upbringing, the incredible work his father did as a defense attorney – including the trial of Nelson Mandela, where Michael’s father defended Mandela’s co-defendant and won – and how he made the transition from being a lawyer himself to a vegan cheese entrepreneur.

So if you’re interested in learning what it’s like to run a small vegan cheese company in an era where conglomerates want to take over the industry with cheap knockoffs – and powerful entities like the dairy lobby of Canada are after you – you definitely want to tune in!

Listen to Episode 262 with Michael Schwarz

What we discuss in this episode:

  • How the Canadian dairy lobby is trying to block Michael’s trademark.

  • The threat vegan products pose to Big Dairy.

  • How meat and dairy conglomerates are hurting vegan brands and working to inhibit progress.

  • Tips for consumers to navigate making purchases that align with their ethics.

  • How Michael makes Treeline cheeses more environmentally friendly.

  • Why it’s important to support smaller vegan brands.

  • Treeline’s delicious new products and plans for the future.


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