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Ethics + Business with Treeline Cheese Founder Michael Schwarz

May 27, 2020

Watch Episode 76 with Michael Schwarz here:

Growing up as a white male in South Africa during apartheid, Michael Schwarz developed a strong sense of right and wrong from an early age. Over the years, this sense of justice found its way into all aspects of Michael’s life—including the way he ate. The result was Treeline Cheese—a luxurious French-style cashew-based cheese company now available in Whole Foods and Kroger grocers nationwide. Michael offers his unique insight on a broad range of topics—from ethics in business to the delicious evolution of his brand and its upcoming products (slices and shreds are coming!). Cheese-lover or not, everyone can take a bite out of this exceptional conversation.

Listen to Episode 76 with Michael Schwarz here:

What we discuss in this episode:

  • Growing up in the times of apartheid 
  • Business as a form of activism
  • The art of fermenting vegan cheese
  • The issue of saturated fat and vegan cheese
  • Responsible sourcing of cashews
  • How the coronavirus affected business
  • Treeline Cheese website. Be on the lookout for Treeline slices and shreds!

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