Food Justice

“Going for gold means not leaving others behind.”

So said 3x Olympic weightlifter Kendrick Farris, and those words encapsulate so much. Food is indeed a political act, and our choices impact the lives of others—whether we are conscious of this or not. While we have been told that dairy benefits our bodies, the serious social repercussions far outweigh any nutrients found in this food (which are easily obtained elsewhere). Sixty-five percent of the world’s population is intolerant to cows’ milk, including a staggering 86 percent of people of African descent, 70 percent of Latinx, and 95 percent of people of East Asian heritage. But what is most shocking is that the government is aware of these figures, yet it continues to recommend dairy as a food group in its nationally accepted US Dietary Guidelines. Switch4Good is committed to regularly revealing, discussing, and working collectively with other organizations and advocates to put an end to food injustice.

You can take action now by urging the US Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee to remove dairy as a food group from the upcoming 2020-2025 recommendations. Add your voice to the thousands who are standing up for the health of all Americans. 

Why Ditch Dairy


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