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Dominick Thompson: On the Masculinity of Compassion, Empathy, and Intention

Apr 22, 2019

Watch Episode 19 with Dominick Thompson here:

Society has perpetuated the idea that masculinity is connected to animal consumption and preying on the weak.

Luckily, there are men like Dominick Thompson actively challenging that belief.

After going to prison more than seventeen years ago, Dominick had an epiphany about what it means to cause harm in the world.

He is now a social entrepreneur and activist with an online wellness program, vegan clothing line, and upcoming food product line.

Dominick joins us on the Switch4Good Podcast to discuss the realization he made in prison, the similarities between our culture’s treatment of prisoners and animals, and why we must redefine masculinity as a compassionate trait.

You don’t want to miss this inspiring episode.

Listen to Episode 19 with Dominick Thompson here:

What we discuss in this episode:

  • How films like The Game Changers and men like Dominick are challenging the connection between meat and masculinity
  • The story of Dominick calling out Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on Instagram: Why it’s important to be assertive and come from a place of love
  • Why society celebrates preying on the weak as being manly
  • Our experiences with family members in prison, and how Dominick was able to stay optimistic
  • The memory that came to Dominick during his first week in prison: How it encouraged him to stop eating meat and inspired his new mantra
  • How conditions faced by prisoners compare to our treatment of animals
  • The treatment of dairy cows: How researching the dairy industry led Dominick to quit all animals products “cold tofurkey”
  • Eat What Elephants Eat: Dominick’s online food program that seeks to make plant-based eating accessible no matter who or where you are
  • The transformation Dominick saw after switching for good that made him feel like a real-life superhero
  • Follow Dominick on Instagram at domzthompson or on Twitter at @DomzThompson. Check out Eat What Elephants Eat at eatwhatelephantseat.com and Crazies and Weirdos at craziesandweirdos.com


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