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We often don’t connect our ailments with the food we eat, but dairy can be responsible for a number of uncomfortable and chronic symptoms many of us deal with every day. Constant cough, itchy skin, persistent acne, wheezing, annoying sniffles, and embarrassing bloat and gas are all side effects one may feel after consuming dairy. Imagine how you might feel if you gave up this symptom-inducing food.

It’s Time to Detox from Dairy

All You Need Is 14 Days

Some may notice changes immediately, whereas others may take a week or two to really feel fantastic. Our bodies are different, but there is one thing they can agree on: dairy does not do a body good.

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Let’s Get Started

Step 1: Identify foods that contain dairy

Cow’s milk is obvious. But sometimes a food can be so habitual, we don’t realize it contains dairy. While you’re starting out, get in the habit of reading nutrition labels. You don’t have to read every ingredient. At the bottom of the ingredients list, look for “Contains” in bold. Products are required to list any dairy ingredients under this category.

Here are a few common foods that typically contain dairy:

  • Butter
  • Yogurt
  • Ice cream
  • Cheese and cottage cheese
  • Coffee creamer (even lactose-free products)
  • Crackers and chips (yes, your basic wheat cracker may contain dairy!)
  • Baked goods (muffins, cakes, scones, cookies, brownies, etc)
  • Enriched breads (challah, brioche, croissants)

Step 2: Replace dairy foods with plant-based fuel

You don’t have to give up delicious food, just replace it with a dairy alternative or a stellar dairy-free recipe. Check out three of our favorites below, and look for our email with even more simple yet incredible meal ideas.

Quick Gobi Matar (Cauliflower and Pea Curry)

Quick Gobi Matar (Cauliflower and Pea Curry)

You don't need a ton of time or ingredients to whip up a decent weeknight curry. This quick gobi matar (cauliflower and pea curry) is simple enough to throw together after work and makes for excellent leftovers. Beyond its belly-warming taste, it's also chok full of...

Homemade Strawberry Dairy-Free Ice Cream

Homemade Strawberry Dairy-Free Ice Cream

There's a secret ingredient to this homemade strawberry dairy-free ice cream ... it's avocado! Hear us out. Ice cream needs fat. It's what gives it that luxuriously creamy and velvety texture that literally melts in your mouth. Avocado provides that much-needed fat...

Easy Dairy-Free Cheese Sauce

Easy Dairy-Free Cheese Sauce

This dairy-free cheese sauce is all about versatility. When you're pressed for time in the kitchen, a multipurpose recipe is just what you need. With this drizzle-able non-dairy cheese sauce, you can pull virtually anything out of your fridge or pantry and make it...

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