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Why Wall Street Loves Investing in Plants with Elysabeth Alfano

Jul 27, 2022

Watch Episode 188 with Elysabeth Alfano:

Our guest today is a successful businesswoman, a strategic consultant in the plant-based business arena, and a keen investor. Elysabeth Alfano began her career working with Fortune 500 before running her own international business. Armed with knowledge from Northwestern University and the Thunderbird School of Global Management, Elysabeth made a name for herself by working with big brands such as IBM-Europe and The Kellogg Company in Brand Management.

Over the years her path has turned its course in a plant-based direction, and today she is the founder of Plant-Powered Consulting and co-founder of VegTech. Join us as we speak to her about how she recently made history through a first-of-its-kind plant-based ETF, what investing in a plant-based future means for the stock market, and impact investing.

Listen to Episode 188 with Elysabeth Alfano:

What we discuss:

  • What an ETF is and how history was made recently through the world’s first plant-based ETF
  • How inflation affects plant-based products
  • Why investing in plant-based is the future and what that means for the stock market
  • Elysabeth’s journey to veganism
  • What is impact investing and can the average person do it?
  • What to know about the label “plant-based” when it comes to investing
  • Why shipping live and dead animals is cruel and a bad business equation
  • What big companies are moving in plant-based directions


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