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What To Live For with Chef and Influencer Erin Ireland

Jan 24, 2024

Our guest today, Erin Ireland, is a legend in the Vancouver food scene, first as a food reporter and purveyor of good taste and now as the owner of a renowned vegan bakery in East Vancouver. 

When she learned about the cruelty and environmental destruction caused by animal agriculture, she dared to convert her successful nonvegan business – To Die For Foods – into the thriving vegan storefront bakery – To Live For Bakery & Café – with a loyal, passionate following. Now, she’s showing the world how amazing plant-based eats can be and why we should all be eating slaughter-free food.

If you’re interested in learning what it’s like to open and operate a vegan bakery or if you just want to bring your plant-based baking skills to the next level, this episode is certainly for you!

Listen to Episode 266 with Erin Ireland

What we discuss in this episode:

  • How Erin felt as a college athlete eating a diet high in animal protein.

  • Her journey to becoming a food reporter and her transition to highlighting vegan and vegetarian dishes.

  • Erin’s eye-opening experiences on a dairy farm.

  • Her favorite stories interacting with customers.

  • How Erin changed her nonvegan recipes to vegan.

  • Baking tips to veganize recipes and Erin’s secrets for delicious treats.

  • Her experience opening a vegan brick-and-mortar bakery, and the stellar public response.


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