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Undercover With Investigator “Pete Paxton”

Oct 11, 2023

Our guest today is an undercover animal investigator, and in today’s show, he reveals the unthinkable. From his decades-long undercover work in the companion animal and factory farms businesses, Pete Paxton educates us on the horrendous and bizarre abuse that gets passed off as “just another day on the job” in these industries. Our commerce-driven society has conditioned us to believe that if we don’t directly kill animals (as in the cases of pets, milk, and eggs), we’re not harming them. This mentality is seriously flawed.

Listen in for a heavy dose of reality, and learn what you can do to help correct these injustices.

Listen to Episode 251 with Pete Paxton

What we discuss in this episode:

  • Why the commercial breeding of dogs means dead dogs in shelters

  • Benefits of getting a dog from a shelter

  • Understanding the laws surrounding the sale of companion animals

  • Companion Animal Protection Society website: https://www.caps-web.org/

  • His undercover work in factory farms


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