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The Pill that Changes Your Sex Life, Your Sexiness, & Your Partner Choice with Dr. Sarah Hill

Feb 7, 2024

Over 150 million women around the world are on the birth control pill. And while “the pill” has given women the ability to control their fertility, there are things that every woman should know about its effects, short-term and long-term. 

Our guest today – professor, research psychologist, and author Dr. Sarah Hill –  is here to discuss her must-read book This Is Your Brain on Birth Control: How the Pill Changes Everything, where she sheds light on all the ways hormonal birth control affects women – the good, the bad, and the unsettling. 

So if you’re interested in learning the truth about how the pill could impact your – or someone you love – brain,  sex life,  choice of partners, or even how it’s shaping our society and culture, tune in to be blown away by the information we discuss in this episode!

Listen to Episode 268 with Dr. Sarah Hill

What we discuss in this episode:

  • How Dr. Hill’s life changed after she stopped taking hormonal birth control.

  • The birth control pill and cortisol response.

  • The birth control pill’s effect on body weight.

  • The neurobiological effects of the pill.

  • How attraction to your mate is altered by the birth control pill.

  • How the pill affects libido and sexual function.

  • Why testosterone levels are lower in men than at any time in recent history.

  • Adolescents and the pill.


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