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The Bodybuilding Vegan Doc, Dr. Harriet Davis

Jul 12, 2023

Does your doctor live by example? Our guest today is a doctor who certainly walks her talk and then some. Dr. Harriet Davis is an expert on what it takes to change the human body’s composition. Not only is she a Board-Certified family medicine and sports medicine physician, but at the age of 40, she applied her fitness and plant-based nutrition mastery and launched another career competing as a professional bikini athlete. She earned her International Fitness and Bodybuilding Federation pro card in 2014 and graced stages throughout the United States, thus showing the world, and her patients, what’s possible as a 100% vegan athlete.

Tune in to hear Dr. Davis share her inspiring story and wealth of knowledge regarding all things plant-based fitness!

Listen to Episode 238 with Dr. Harriet Davis

What we discuss in this episode:

  • Why Dr. Harriet Davis believes she was born to be a vegan.

  • The diet she ate growing up and how her diet evolved.

  • The family tragedy that gave Dr. Davis her purpose in life.

  • The epiphany she had in medical school.

  • Why she transitioned from long-distance running to weightlifting.

  • How Dr. Davis increased lean muscle mass on a plant-based diet.

  • Her advice for anyone trying to change their body composition.

  • The importance of weightlifting and cardio as we age.

  • How to prevent bulking up when weightlifting.

  • Dr. Davis’s recommendations to achieve longevity.

  • Her recommendations for anyone interested in adopting a plant-based diet.


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