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Live Better without Alcohol with James Swanwick

Sep 13, 2023

What if, by quitting or reducing your alcohol intake, you could see an improvement in your relationships, your health, your productivity, and even your appearance?

Our guest today is entrepreneur, journalist, and author James Swanwick.  In 2010, James had his very last drink. As a result, his life improved dramatically. Now, he helps others take control of their drinking through his 30-Day Challenge and Project 90 programs. In his podcast, Alcohol-Free Lifestyle, and his book, The 30-Day No Alcohol Challenge: Your Simple Guide To Easily Reduce Or Quit Alcohol, James teaches casual drinkers how to change their relationship with alcohol. 

Join us as James shares practical tips on how to reduce your desire for alcohol, how to socialize without drinking, and the myriad benefits of being alcohol-free!

Listen to Episode 247 with James Swanwick

What we discuss in this episode:

  • When and why James decided to stop drinking, and the immediate benefits he experienced as a result.

  • The social challenges James faced and overcame after he quit drinking.

  • How we’re conditioned to drink alcohol.

  • Why alcohol doesn’t provide stress relief.

  • What one drink per night does to the human brain.

  • Alcohol and testosterone.

  • Why alcohol is “attractively packaged poison.”

  • Alcohol and your skin.

  • What happens to your sleep quality when you drink alcohol?

  • What makes James’s program unique?

  • James’s tips for a great night’s sleep.


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