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Let’s Party with Vegan Nacho Cheese Creator Lauren Joyner

Feb 22, 2023

Watch Episode 218 with Lauren Joyner:

What does it take to become a successful vegan entrepreneur? Today’s guest can tell you. Lauren Joyner grew up, like so many people, eating a diet rich in meat, dairy, and processed foods. For her family, the queso was a staple on the dinner table. However, as an adult, working as a tech startup designer, something changed. She made the switch to a plant-based diet and began taking an interest in creating delicious, nutritious plant-based alternatives to the comfort foods she ate growing up.

Fast forward to today and she’s the founder of House Party snacks—formerly known as LOCA Foods—a cheese dip company that makes transcendent plant-based queso dips capable of converting even the most staunch dairy cheese dip devotee. If you’ve been to a San Francisco Giants game recently, you might have had the great pleasure of trying one of her fabulous dips.

Join us for an enlightening conversation where we discuss the ins and outs of starting a successful plant-based snack food business!

Listen to Episode 218 with Lauren Joyner

What we discuss in this episode:

  • What inspired Lauren to switch to a plant-based diet and how it affected her health?

  • The steps she took to create her amazing dips and launch her business.

  • The risks and challenges she faced.

  • Her desire is to make positive changes in the food industry.

  • Her advice to anyone looking to make a change in their lives.

  • The ingredients she uses in her nutrient-dense dips.

  • How she markets to non-vegans.

  • What makes her products special?

  • Why it’s important to support start-up vegan brands.

  • Why she rebranded from LOCA Foods to House Party snacks?


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