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Learn to Communicate for a Better World and Deeper Relationships with Dr. Melanie Joy

Mar 20, 2024

Today, we welcome back Dr. Melanie Joy, a renowned psychologist, author, and advocate for compassionate living. Dr. Joy is the president of Beyond Carnism, a non-profit organization exposing and transforming the invisible belief system that shapes our attitudes toward eating and torturing animals. Her groundbreaking concept, “carnism,” has sparked global conversations about the psychology behind meat consumption and its consequences.

Dr. Joy is also the author of 6 books, and she appeared on our show in episode 52 to discuss her best-seller Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows, which unravels how societal conditioning influences our affection for some animals while accepting others as food sources. Today, she’s here to discuss her new book, How to End Injustice Everywhere, and her new website, infighting.org, which addresses internal conflicts within social justice movements and other organizations.

Throughout her career, Dr. Joy’s work has inspired us to question cultural norms and make conscious choices that align with our deepest values.

So, tune in for an enlightening discussion as we examine the interconnected nature of injustice and learn how we can all work together harmoniously toward a future rooted in empathy and equity!

Listen to Episode 274 with Dr. Melanie Joy

What we discuss in this episode:

  • What inspired Dr. Joy’s new book?

  • The common denominator that all injustices share.

  • The importance of “relational literacy.”

  • The formula for healthier relationships.

  • Changing your intentions to transform your conversations with others.

  • Tips to stop causing disconnection in your relationships.

  • How to reduce anger quickly.

  • The emotion most likely to destroy a relationship.


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