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Jane Velez-Mitchell is Speaking Up for the Voiceless

May 1, 2019

Watch Episode 20 with Jane Velez-Mitchell here:

Activism is often marked by speaking up for the voiceless, and that starts by bearing witness to suffering.

These are two of the cornerstones of Jane Velez-Mitchell’s mission with Jane UnChained, a digital news network dedicated to reporting on animal rights, climate change, food justice, and living cruelty-free.

Jane is a former news anchor, two-time Emmy winner, and four-time author with two New York Times Best Sellers to her name, including iWant: My Journey from Addiction and Overconsumption to a Simpler, Honest Life.

Her news network has grown to 70 global contributors who provide breaking animal rights news, live coverage of demonstrations, and daily Lunchbreak Live recipes.

She joins us today to dig into the social conditioning of our diets, her story of overcoming addiction, and the importance of breaking social contracts for a more compassionate world.

Listen to Episode 20 with Jane Velez-Mitchell here:

What we discuss in this episode:

  • How social conditioning impacts our diet
  • The power of bearing witness and Anita Krajnc’s Save Movement
  • The two words from Howard Lyman that convinced Jane to make the switch for good
  • Jane’s story of addiction and overcoming alcoholism
  • The cycle of addiction, why we attach our happiness to what we consume, and why diets don’t work
  • How animal agriculture affects climate change, and why the media is afraid to cover it
  • The origins of Jane UnChained and how it grew to over 70 contributors
  • Why you need to tune into Lunchbreak Live and an absolutely delicious vegan cheese and cranberry pastry recipe
  • Breaking the social contract by confronting a lack of compassion when you see it
  • Follow Jane on Instagram at @janeunchainednews or on Twitter at @JVM, and on the Jane UnChained website at janeunchained.com


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