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How to Get a Good Gut with Dietitian Desiree Nielsen

Jul 6, 2022

Watch Episode 185 with Desiree Nielsen:

Our guest today, Desiree Nielsen, is a registered plant-based dietitian and national bestselling author. Her practice focus is chronic digestive and inflammatory diseases, and she helps her clients heal with plant-based approaches that lead to optimal health. 

You may have already heard of Desiree through The Allsorts Podcast, one of her books, or one of her articles in USA Today or Mind-Body Great. She now has her third book out, Good for Your Gut, which we get to discuss in this episode. It is both a cookbook and a great guide to learning more about how to have a healthy digestive system.

Her practical, light-hearted approach to her work draws in listeners, readers, and clients from all over the world. Join us today to experience that first-hand! 

Listen to Episode 185 with Desiree Nielsen:

What we discuss:

  • Why Desiree stopped eating animals and went fully vegan 
  • The plant-based mythology taught to dietitians
  • The truth about plant proteins
  • What you need to know about keeping inflammatory responses healthy 
  • Gut health in Canada and the USA 
  • What IBS is and how it functions 
  • What “FODMAP” is and why it is so important to know about when it comes to your diet 
  • The gut and brain connection 
  • How skipping meals can lead to bloating 
  • What 3 foods we should be eating each and every day 
  • Do we really need to fear grains when it comes to digestive health? 
  • What’s up with probiotics? 



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