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How a Plant-Based Diet Helped Beat Stage 4 Cancer: Dr. Ruth Heidrich’s Story

Jan 17, 2024

At the age of 47, our guest today, marathoner, author, and world record holder Dr. Ruth Heidrich, received the terrifying news that she had stage 4 breast cancer. After answering an ad to participate in a cancer and diet research study conducted by Dr. John McDougall, she immediately chose to adopt a whole food plant-based diet and forgo chemotherapy and radiation. Two years later, she was in remission and became the first vegan to complete the Ironman Triathlon. 

Dr. Heidrich has since been named one of the ten fittest women in North America, and you might recognize her from her appearance in Forks Over Knives. So, if you want to learn what trailblazing at 88 years young looks and feels like, you definitely want to tune in to this juicy episode as we talk running, cancer, sex, aging, breasts, and, of course, food!

Listen to Episode 265 with Dr. Ruth Heidrich

What we discuss in this episode:

  • The importance of movement.

  • How Dr. Heidrich discovered she had breast cancer.

  • What inspired her to start running competitively?

  • Why Dr. Heidrich chose a whole food plant-based diet over chemotherapy and radiation.

  • The immediate positive health changes she experienced when making the sudden switch to a vegan diet.

  • Dr. Heidrich’s alarming experience with breast implants.

  • Diet and total sexual fitness for women and men.

  • Dr. Heidrich’s daily diet and the importance of eating leafy greens.


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