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Hollywood, Politics, Ethics & Animals – How They Converge with Roger Wolfson

Jul 26, 2023

From writing speeches for sitting Senators and Presidential candidates to acting as Vice President of Channel One News to writing the teleplay that earned Kyra Sedgwick her first Emmy nomination, today’s guest, writer, and activist Roger Wolfson, has been in the room where it happens, achieving remarkable success in the fields of news, politics, and entertainment. Roger was also Commissioner of Animal Services for the city of Los Angeles, where he fought to establish and maintain Los Angeles as a no-kill city and implement a plant-based diet for all shelter dogs.

Tune in to this must-listen episode, where we discuss everything from the inner workings of Washington, to the challenges of writing in Hollywood, to how we can really make a difference as activists!

Listen to Episode 240 with Roger Wolfson

What we discuss in this episode:

  • Roger’s upbringing and what inspired him to become vegan.

  • How becoming vegan empowered him to make other positive life choices.

  • Why Roger became such a passionate activist.

  • The challenges of communication in Washington.

  • Why he chose to leave Washington and write for film and television.

  • How Roger learned diplomacy as a writer in Los Angeles.

  • Steps activists can take to become more effective.

  • The key ingredients for a truly great speech.


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