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From Rock Bottom to the Olympic Podium with Switch4Good Founder Dotsie Bausch

Jul 24, 2019

Watch Episode 32 with Dotsie Bausch here:

The woman behind Switch4Good is a force of compassion who has lifted herself out of pain, into greatness, and is now working in pursuit of a kinder world. 

Dotsie Bausch is an Olympic medalist, two-time Pan American Champion, world record holder, mentor, renowned speaker, and founder of the Switch4Good non-profit. 

In this very special episode, she steps to the other side of the microphone to be interviewed by her co-host and friend, Alexandra Paul. 

Dotsie shares her incredible journey from the rock bottom of her struggle with anorexia to the Olympic podium as a plant-powered athlete. 

You’ll hear the inspiration behind Switch4Good’s work, what convinced Dotsie to make the change herself, the amazing results she saw in her performance, and the aftermath of her groundbreaking anti-dairy commercial

She also explains how her therapist, KRS Eckstrom, finally made her feel heard as a young woman and the principles of KRS’s “blue dot method” that Dotsie still applies in her life today. 

Dotsie’s story is one of healing yourself and, in turn, working to heal the world. Don’t miss it.

Listen to Episode 32 with Dotsie Bausch here:

What we discuss in this episode:

  • Dotsie’s childhood, her experience in journalism, and the precursor to her eating disorder
  • What is life like when you have and are trying to hide an eating disorder? 
  • Dotsie’s rock bottom and the moment that made her want to give healing a try
  • How KRS Eckstrom changed Dotsie’s life, and the “blue dot method” that Dotsie still taps into today
  • The origins of Dotsie’s professional cycling dream and how she went from being a bike messenger to an Olympic athlete
  • The exposé that encouraged Dotsie to research animal agriculture and convinced her to stop eating animals overnight
  • The incredible changes in her performance and recovery after making the switch
  • Dotsie’s groundbreaking commercial and what happened after she rocked the boat for truth
  • Switch 4 Good’s Undeniable Truth Tour and other big things they’re doing to advocate for animals and expose the realities of the dairy industry
  • Follow Dotsie on Instagram at @veganolympian, on Twitter at @DotsieBausch, and on her personal website at

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