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Anti-Aging Secrets from Chef Babette Davis

Sep 28, 2022

Watch Episode 197 with Chef Babette Davis

Born and raised in East Los Angeles and forged in the fires of adversity, cookbook author Chef Babette Davis burst onto the culinary scene with her renowned vegan restaurant Stuff I Eat in Inglewood, California, where the soul food platter is one of the many, many must-try dishes. An ageless paragon of fitness and vibrant health, Chef Babette has legions of social media followers who love seeing her posts of this incredibly fit 71-year-old working out or cooking or even in a bikini. If she’s not preparing delicious dishes in the kitchen of her restaurant, teaching cooking classes, or hosting the competition cooking show Peeled, you’ll find her running stairs all around Los Angeles.

Always inspiring. Always funny. Always real. Here are our favorite quotes from Chef Babette in this episode that you don’t want to miss: 

Listen to Episode 197 with Chef Babette Davis:

What we discuss in this episode:

  • How Chef Babette became vegan and how it transformed her health.
  • How timing, when she eats certain foods, has proven beneficial for her.
  • How the books Fit for Life and Mucusless Diet Healing System changed her life.
  • Why she does a juice cleanse three times a year.
  • Her journey from catering in a parking lot to opening her incredibly successful restaurant, Stuff I Eat.
  • How she went from having to convince a predominantly meat-eating community to try her wonderful healthy food, to now having a thriving restaurant with plentiful regular patrons. 
  • Lifestyle choices that keep her healthy and her advice to others on how they can be their best selves and attain longevity.


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