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Changing Hearts & Minds About Eating Animals with Dr. Faraz Harsini

Nov 15, 2023

Born and raised in a country where being true to himself is a crime punishable by death, our guest today, Dr. Faraz Harsini, is familiar with oppression and brutality. Dr. Harsini is a senior scientist at the Good Food Institute, where he works to bring the world sustainable, cruelty-free protein. He is also the CEO and founder of ASAP, which stands for Allied Scholars for Animal Protection. It’s a nonprofit that supports student advocates and future vegan leaders to abolish cruelty to humans and nonhumans. 

Tune in to hear how this highly accomplished scientist, activist, and outspoken member of the LGBT community is applying his knowledge and passion to raise awareness about animal rights as a social justice issue to reach his goal of ending speciesism.

Listen to Episode 256 with Dr. Faraz Harsini

What we discuss in this episode:

  • Dr. Harsini’s upbringing in Iran.

  • His harrowing experiences as an activist in Iran.

  • His journey to veganism.

  • Why animal rights is a social justice issue.

  • How Dr. Harsini empowers people to change.

  • What inspired Dr. Harsini to start ASAP.

  • The difference ASAP is making on college campuses.

  • Why humans aren’t meant to eat meat.

Faraz w Happy

Dr. Harsini with Mr. Happy.


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