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Black Hair, Black Barbie, and Datemares with Actress Hayley Marie Norman

Aug 30, 2023

Today’s guest is best described as a multifaceted force of nature. Hayley Marie Norman is an actor, writer, activist, and podcast host. She’s lit up the screen with Hollywood legends Will Smith, Chris Rock, and Eddie Murphy, to name a few. In her wildly entertaining podcast called Datemare with Hayley Marie Norman, she brings her effervescence and comedic prowess to discussing her dating life post-divorce with notable guests and tales that will shock and delight. And as an activist in Hollywood, Hayley uses her platform to share the vegan message and shine a light on the cruelty and environmental destruction for which animal agriculture is responsible.

So join us today as we take a deep dive into everything from activism to adventure to affairs of the heart!

Listen to Episode 245 with Hayley Marie Norman

What we discuss in this episode:

  • Hayley’s journey to veganism and how eating a vegan diet affected her.

  • Her thoughts on the SAG and WGA strikes.

  • EMDR and EFT therapies and how they’ve been beneficial to Hayley.

  • The genesis of Hayley’s Datemare podcast and her baffling experiences on dating apps.

  • What it’s like for her to date as a vegan.

  • The chance encounter that launched Hayley’s acting career.

  • How Hayley remains true to herself and uses her platform to promote veganism.

  • That special Deal or No Deal episode, African-American Barbie, and a serious datemare.


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