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Beat Coronavirus with Dr. Michael Klaper

Mar 25, 2020

Watch Episode 67 with Dr. Michael Klaper here:

We’ve heard a lot about COVID-19, but instead of panic-driving headlines, we wanted to get the clear, concise facts from an expert. Dr. Michael Klaper has 40 years of patient experience under his belt, and he offered a comprehensive explanation of the current situation—what it is, who is at risk, how to protect ourselves, and its link to animal agriculture. Beyond that, we dive into nutrition strategies for long-term health and why some omnivores may feel less than optimal after making the switch (don’t worry, it’ll get better). Entertaining and informative, this episode is just what we need right now.

Listen to Episode 67 with Dr. Michael Klaper here:

What we discuss in this episode:

  • COVID-19 and its link to animal agriculture
  • How to protect yourself from COVID-19
  • Foods to eat for long-term health
  • Dr. Klaper’s journey to a plant-based diet 40 years ago
  • Why omnivores say they lack energy when first making the switch 
  • Moving Medicine Forward

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