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Addiction, Recovery and Plants with Dr. Tara Kemp & Adam Sud

May 31, 2023

A plant-based diet has so many health benefits: reduced inflammation, a stronger immune system, and improved gut health, just to name a few.  But can plant-based eating also have an impact on addiction and recovery? Could it prevent relapses and increase your resilience to cope with life? These are the questions that today’s guests, Dr. Tara Kemp and Adam Sud, set out to answer in The INFINITE Study, which researches if there are any benefits to plant-based eating in addiction recovery. 

Adam Sud is a third-time guest on this podcast for a very good reason. He’s an incredibly inspiring speaker who emerged from his own substance use disorder and now helps others as a behavioral wellness and nutrition expert.

Dr. Tara Kemp is a mental health coach and researcher with a Ph.D. in psycho-social health. She also has a very personal story of recovering from disordered eating. And now, she helps other women on their healing journey with food through her coaching business and her retreats.

Tune in to this week’s episode and learn all about their research into addiction and their knowledge about recovery!

Listen to Episode 232 with Dr. Tara Kemp & Adam Sud

What we discuss in this episode:

  • How an unsafe environment can trigger addictive behavior.
  • Biological dependency versus addiction.
  • The role a plant-based diet played in Adam’s recovery.
  • The genesis of The INFINITE Study and what was discovered.
  • The importance of spirituality in recovery.
  • The link between a healthy diet and resilience.
  • How a plant-based diet affects self-esteem.
  • The power of honesty, self-compassion, and discipline.


Dr. Tara Kemp

Adam Sud


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