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Cruelty Free Shopping with Kim Paschen

Oct 6, 2021

Watch Episode 146 with Kim Paschen:

How do you know if a product is cruelty-free if you can’t trust the label? According to Kim Paschen—Program Manager for Leaping Bunny—there is no regulated definition for cruelty-free. That means companies who use this label are not held accountable and may very well include ingredients that have been tested on animals. When it comes to compassionate cosmetics that are truly animal-free, things get complicated, but that’s where Leaping Bunny comes in. The certification organization upholds companies to rigorous standards to ensure every last ingredient is free from animal testing. Kim walks us through all the nuances of cosmetic testing, what’s going on with China, and shares a few of her favorite Leaping Bunny-approved products. Listen in before your next trip to the cosmetics counter.


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