Game on! The one-of-a-kind plant-based playbook for optimizing athletic performance is out now

Switch4Good collaborated with the International Olympic Committee to create “Let the Plant-based Games Begin,” which will be celebrated during a free online seminar event on Thursday.

IRVINE (7 August 2023): When NFL players reported to training camps last week, they were handed playbooks laying out their strategy for success. All 32 teams received another playbook to distribute to their coaches, trainers, players and dietitians: “Let the Plant-based Games Begin: Optimizing Athletic Performance with Plant-based Nutrition.” That same playbook that lays out the successful strategy to adopting a plant-based diet was also distributed to every NBA team, most division one and two college sports programs, and all 206 Olympic national governing bodies around the world. For the first time, this playbook became available for sale to the general public last Friday (August 4) as an Amazon Kindle e-book.

Olympic silver medal-winning cyclist Dotsie Bausch and Switch4Good, the evidence-based nonprofit organization that she founded to advocate for a dairy-free world and plant-based living, spent nearly two years in collaboration with the International Olympic Committee’s Sustainability Department to create the first-of-its-kind plant-based playbook.

“Let The Plant-based Games Begin” presents peer-reviewed nutrition and exercise science written in an accessible and engaging manner for any athlete – from Olympian, pro and elite to weekend warrior – looking to unlock the power of plants to optimize athletic performance and recovery. The book was written in five sections by Scott Stoll (MD, FABPMR and a 1994 Olympian); Nanci Guest (PhD, RD, CSCS), David Goldman (MS, RDN, CSCD, CSCS), Angie Sadeghi (MD), Jason Wrobel (CMC), Eric Sternlicht (PhD) and Bausch. It contains a field-tested toolkit for meal planning and practical implementation techniques along with favorite meals and recipes shared by athletes.   

To celebrate the release of “Let the Plant-based Games Begin,” an online launch party will take place on Thursday (August 10) at 5pm PT/8pm ET when attendees will be able to submit questions in advance or live to be answered by a panel of experts and accomplished athletes, including Bausch who was powered by plants when she stood on the London Olympics podium months shy of her fortieth birthday, making her the oldest athlete ever to medal in her discipline. She will be flanked by Dr. Guest, Wrobel and former NFL linebacker Derrick Morgan (Tennessee Titans). To sign up for the free webinar, please click HERE.

Stoll penned the introduction explaining why the playbook was created before delving into the first section, “The Power of a Plant-based Plate to Optimize Biologic Systems.” Guest authored “Plant-based and Vegan Diets in Exercise and Sport.” Goldman contributed “Fueling, Blood Flow, Inflammation, and Immunity” before passing the baton to Sadeghi, a gastroenterologist, who wrote “Athletes Seeking a Healthy Gut for Optimal Performance.” Bausch, Wrobel and Sternlicht provided a wealth of “Implementation Tools and Resources” in the closing section that includes meal plans and recipes.    

Proceeds from the sale of “Let The Plant-based Games Begin: Optimizing Athletic Performance with Plant-based Nutrition” will benefit Switch4Good. The nonprofit’s initiatives include government and corporate policy work alongside behavior change actions to bring about a more humane economy and a healthier planet. Switch4Good is one of the drivers of the ADD SOY Act, a bipartisan bill introduced to congress by Representatives Troy Carter (D-LA) and Nancy Mace (R-SC) to make a nutritious dairy-free alternative available in the National School Lunch Program for the approximately 17 million U.S. children who are made sick by cow’s milk because of dairy allergies or lactose intolerance. Other projects include creating an active pediatrician program called KiDS (Kids & Dairy Symptoms) to teach parents and healthcare professionals the dangers of dairy; conceiving the Justice Cup campaign to encourage Starbucks to drop their plant milk upcharge; launching the attention-grabbing Killer Milk billboard campaign accompanied by a website (https://killermilk.com), which has already delivered the dairy-free message to 32 million people; and developing research in plant-based nutrition.

“Let The Plant-based Games Begin: Optimizing Athletic Performance with Plant-based Nutrition” is now available at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0C5PBBQZK

For more information, visit www.switch4good.org

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Switch4Good is an evidence-based nonprofit that passionately advocates for a dairy-free world and plant-based living. Founded in 2018 by Olympic silver medal-winning track cyclist Dotsie Bausch, Switch4Good’s mission is to combat the distortion and disrupt the misinformation fed to us by the dairy industry. The organization sets the record straight for the sake of human health, food justice and the future of our planet by working with health experts, athletes, social justice warriors, enlightened policy makers, and progressive corporations to promote ethical lifestyles and widespread behavior change related to how we eat. To donate or for more information, please visit www.switch4good.org.

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