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Are You a Food Addict? With Jasmin Singer

Jun 19, 2019

Watch Episode 27 with Jasmin Singer here:

Jasmin Singer, author of the memoir Always Too Much and Never Enough, was vegan long before she was thin.

She struggled for thirty years with her weight and, more importantly, a destructive relationship with food.

Even after dedicating herself professionally and personally to compassion for animals, she was still missing compassion for herself.

She says it was only after she turned her objective from vanity to self-care, and traded vegan snacks for juice fasts, that she was able to get to the root of her food addiction, lose 100 pounds, and finally heal her spirit.

Jasmin is the co-host of multi-award-winning podcast Our Hen House, the digital director of VegNews, and a TEDx speaker who wants you to know that compassion is the only path to living in our authentic selves.

She joins Alexandra and Dotsie to share how she broke through her emotional eating, why we should all strive to see ourselves through our grandmothers’ eyes, and why she is unapologetic about not eating anyone who has a mother.

While telling her stereotype-defying story, Jasmin will teach you how to speak a little more nicely to yourself and drop your toxic habits for the ultimate freedom.

Listen to Episode 27 with Jasmin Singer here:

What we discuss in this episode:

  • How our parents can unintentionally warp our relationship with food and why we turn to toxic habits to fill emotional voids
  • The realization that pushed Jasmin from vegetarianism to veganism, why communities are important for your transition, and Jasmin’s advice for finding a “vegan family” of your own
  • Unpacking food addiction and why what we consume must align with our authentic selves
  • Veganism is not a diet! Jasmin shares how she takes the guesswork out of people understanding veganism and how the show Explained gave her hope that people are leaning into plants
  • How Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead and Eat to Live changed Jasmin’s life after an eyeopening appointment with her doctor
  • What happens to your worldview when you drop 100 pounds? How people reacted to Jasmin’s weight loss and why it made her angry
  • Changing your mindset from vanity to self-care: Jasmin’s TEDx Talk, and why we need to try to see ourselves the way our grandmothers see us
  • How juice fasting or a similar change in routine can help break food addiction
  • The one investment Jasmin recommends if you think you don’t have time to be vegan
  • Connect with Jasmin Singer on Instagram at @jasminsingerauthor, on Twitter at @jasmin_singer, and on her website at JasminSinger.com and check out her interview with Dotsie on Our Hen House


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