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Why Our Vegetables Are Not Vegan with Master Gardener Erin Riley

Jul 10, 2024

Have you ever wondered what’s hidden in your garden fertilizer or how organic produce is truly grown?

Our guest today is Erin Riley, the founder and CEO of Cabbage Hill organic, animal-free fertilizers. Erin’s foray into the world of gardening and urban agriculture began with Hope Gardens, a landscaping company through which she has designed, installed, and maintained hundreds of gardens across Los Angeles, including those of A-list celebrities.  

Frustrated by the manipulation of organic labels, Erin set out to make a real difference. Her commitment to true organic gardening standards fueled her advocacy and led to the development of a sustainable, plant-based fertilizer. By ensuring transparency and integrity, Erin is setting a new standard in organic practices.

Join us as we explore Erin’s incredible journey and insights, and learn how you can make more informed choices to protect yourself as a consumer while supporting a healthier planet.

Listen to Episode 290 with Erin Riley

What we discuss in this episode:

  • What fertilizer is, how it works, and why it’s crucial for new, high-yield, and edible gardens.
  • Benefits of using organic vegan fertilizer.
  • Horrifying ingredients found in some “organic” fertilizers.
  • The risks posed by chemical fertilizers. 
  • The role of plants in regenerative agriculture.
  • Composting. 
  • The phosphorus crisis and plant-based solutions. 
  • How to make your own fertilizer at home.


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