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Transformation Through Food with Author Kathy Freston

Jul 15, 2020

Watch Episode 83 with Kathy Freston here:

Kathy Freston is the epitome of the cool vegan. Her fun, friendly, and effortless style is displayed across her work—from her eight books to her guest appearances on virtually every primetime talk show (including Oprah). In this episode, she reveals how she transformed from a girl who would go hunting with her boyfriend to the vegan spokesperson she is today. From recalling a hilarious dinner party catered by the famous Chef Tal Ronnen to listing off heart-warming qualities of animals, Kathy will charm you throughout the entire episode.

Listen to Episode 83 with Kathy Freston here:

What we discuss in this episode:

  • Kathy’s gradual transformation to a vegan diet
  • How to talk to others about veganism
  • Her celebrity encounters with Oprah and chef Tal Ronnen
  • Making veganism fun and accessible
  • For Kathy’s work visit her website:

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