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Check out our most popular videos featuring dairy-free pro athletes, experts, and chefs. You’ll watch transformation stories, educational videos on the benefits of living dairy-free, and fun recipe clips to get you inspired in the kitchen. Want more? Visit our YouTube page for all of our Switch4Good video content.

Why NOW Is The Time to DITCH DAIRY

Switch4Good PSA 2018

"Dairy + Racism" with Dr. Milton Mills

Seba Johnson - First Black Female Olympic Skier Didn't Need Dairy To Make History

The Truth About Hormone Free Milk - Dairy Myths Debunked

Milk is NOT a Health Food! Dairy Myths Debunked

Do Athletes Need Dairy? Dairy Myths Debunked

Switch For Good Dairy Free - Why Olympic Athletes Are Ditching Dairy

Dr. Milton Mills Explains Dietary Racism in the US

When All Else Fails, It's Probably the Dairy: With Chef Charity Morgan


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