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The Pandemic & Population Health with Dr. Daphne Bascom

Jan 26, 2022

Watch Episode 162 with Dr. Daphne Bascom:

Today on the show we have the incredible public health hero Dr. Daphne Bascom. Dr. Daphne has decades of meaningful public and population health work under her belt. If you haven’t heard of population health work before, have no fear! We discuss what it is exactly and why it is important with the doctor herself. Dr. Daphne is the Vice President of Population Health at St. Luke’s Health System in Kansas City and heads the community engagement program that is changing the world, one individual at a time. She is the brilliant mind behind mylk bars and spends most of her time educating diverse communities and health professionals about the benefits of plant-based diets. She believes in meeting people where they are at and leading by example. She is a compassionate and caring woman who encourages our listeners to always speak the truth and back it up with evidence! 

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