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Joshua Stevens: The Healing Power of Running

Sep 25, 2019

Watch Episode 41 with Joshua Stevens here:

We know that food can play a huge role in healing our bodies and spirits, but what about exercise? 

Finding yourself in a new professional sport in your 40s might not be as simple as changing your diet, but Joshua Stevens did it and hasn’t looked back.

Joshua is an ultra-marathon trail runner who ran his first 50K on his 44th birthday after being told he wouldn’t ever run again. 

Before he was spending 24 hours on a treadmill for charity, he spent 24 years in the army, which led to two spinal surgeries and opioid addiction. 

After reading Eat & Run and watching the documentary Unbreakable, Joshua tapped into his competitive nature and hasn’t stopped running since. 

He joins Dotsie and Alexandra to share the painful journey that led him to finding peace on the trails and fostering empathy on his plate. 

You’ll hear how he pulled himself out of addiction, went all-in on running, and went down the rabbit hole of plant-based eating. 

Plus, hear how his performance has gotten even better since making the switch. 

Don’t miss this inspiring episode!

Listen to Episode 41 with Joshua Stevens here:

What we discuss in this episode:

  • What you can do if you were disappointed in the April 24th episode of the Amazing Race
  • The tragedy that led to multiple surgeries and the Purple Heart for Joshua
  • How Eat & Run and Unbreakable: The Western States 100 inspired Joshua to start ultra running when he wasn’t sure he’d be able to run again
  • What happened to land Joshua dealing with opioid addiction, and what we’re getting wrong about the opioid conversation  
  • Did Joshua replace his addiction with running? Hear how he was able to quit cold turkey and why he says you must always be running toward something
  • How eating plant-based fosters your empathy and why Joshua says it’s a way to “pay rent” back to the planet
  • The amazing results Joshua saw in his performance and injuries after making the switch, and why he started by cutting out dairy
  • Why Joshua ran on a treadmill for 24 hours to benefit the Herren Project and their film The First Day
  • Joshua’s advice for anyone struggling with depression and addiction, including to read the powerful book What Made Maddy Run
  • Follow Joshua on Instagram at @tumbleweedultra.

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